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We Bought (and Sold) a House

The past few months have been a whirlwind for our family- namely, it started back in May when we decided to sell our “forever” home. If you’d been following me on Instagram for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard that we’re very invested in our friends’ church plant in Portland, Oregon. We knew we wanted to be involved in a big way, and whether that meant 1) traveling frequently or 2) moving there one day, we weren’t sure, but we knew that #1 was where to start. In order to do that, we couldn’t keep our house because, well, MONEY. We could pay all of our bills, but there wasn’t much left over, and we knew that changing that was a pretty important first step. So, we listed our home and, in that moment, traded the American dream for a Kingdom dream. We want to use our lives to bring glory to God, and that is the kind of dream that we want to focus on! Our house sold after just two weeks on the market, and we started to search for the new one quickly!

We knew we wanted to downsize, both in finances and square footage, and buying an older home we could renovate was really important to us. We found a cute brick ranch built in 1964, and after some back-and-forth with the seller, settled on a sales price and a closing date. Meet the new place:

The day we moved out, I was feeling more than a little overwhelmed- moving out of our new custom home into a fixer upper that needed a whole LOT of work. It just felt more painful than I thought it would- this was our choice. Why was it so hard?? I pulled into the drive-way to pack up a few last minute things and saw this. What a beautiful reminder of God’s promise to us, and a soothing picture of peace for my Spirit. We were doing the right thing.

So far, we’ve painted the living room and the boys’ rooms and totally gutted the kitchen. We’ve had a few hiccups (oops, that’s probably asbestos in the flooring we just ripped out!… we need to replace ALL the ductwork?… the kitchen cabinets will take HOW long to get delivered?!) already, but we’re excited to put our stamp on this sweet house and make it our home.

Here was the living room on moving day. What, you don’t love that gorgeous shade of green-beige on the walls?? I don’t know what you mean.

The kitchen… these are pictures from our initial tour, so this is not our stuff. It was well decorated, but those are original 1960s cabinets that don’t actually close- you can even tell that from this picture. Oh, and that pink pot holder on the counter? Covering a giant hole in the laminate. Nice. Don’t even get me started on the layer of funk on the drains in the sink. BLECH.

It had a terrible layout, segmenting a large room into three sections. And always, I love a good ceiling fan in the kitchen. Especially one low enough to decapitate you.

Here it is the day we did demo on the kitchen. It has the most amazing wide planked cedar wood paneling on the walls. It’s been given a coat of white paint, but definitely needs some significant touch-ups.

Here it is this weekend after we replaced the subfloor and laid the new Lifeproof laminate (in Essential Oak) from Home Depot. We will be refinishing those original hardwoods (all over the house, bedrooms, too!) to a more mellow, natural color that matches pretty closely with this new flooring, so the transition between the two won’t be so stark later on.

Tomorrow, our new cabinets, countertops and appliances are set to arrive. We ordered the cabinets from IKEA three weeks ago during the last 48 hours of their kitchen sale. We, along with the rest of the universe, and the local delivery company was so inundated with IKEA packages, that it took them two weeks to sort through them all. Thankfully, the wait is over! We will be installing them ourselves, as well as our new wooden countertops (also IKEA) and totally changing the layout of this room.

Follow along on this renovation journey with us as we delve into some major DIY goodness (we hope).

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